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BBM Gives Andrea Friedrich a Race-Ready Volkswagen Golf GTI V


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Typically when cars and girls come together for a photo shoot, the ladies are just trying to get their name on the map and don’t really have a connection with the car. There is one exception to this theory, which brings us 23-year-old Miss Yamaha 2012 and Monster Energy Girl Andrea Friedrich. She has received her “A” racing license and will participate in upcoming events such as the GLP series and Nürburgring VLN in this BBM Motorsport tuned Volkswagen Golf GTI V.

The tuners gave this VW the works with a new turbocharger, larger air coolers and custom exhaust to boost the 2.0-liter TSI powerplant. It now puts down 331 horsepower and 460 Nm of torque, a drastic increase from the factory 197 HP and 280 Nm of torque. This helps the sporty hatchback accomplish a 0 to 100 km/h acceleration time of 5.1 seconds while reaching a top speed of 275 km/h or 171 mph.

To make the car race worthy, suspension upgrades were of utmost importance. A new KW Club Sport coilover kit with adjustable strut bearings were installed, while new Stoptech brakes with large discs were also added. After these modifications, new lightweight ASA Tec-rims wrapped in semi-slick rubber were hooked up on all fours.

Completing Andrea Friedrich’s custom ride is a matte teal car wrap on the exterior, while the interior received a roll cage, bucket racing seats and the removal of the rear seats. Pricing from BBM Motorsports for this particular Volkswagen Golf GTI V comes in at €19,500 or $25,215 USD, however those prices do not include installation.

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