After announcing plans to construct the Bentley Continental GT BR-10 kit, Vorsteiner has now released the complete pictures and a video of what the car will look like when completed. The teaser pics had us wanting more, and now we can see that Vorsteiner came through with more aesthetically pleasing aftermarket parts. Included in this Bentley Continental GT BR-10 package is a new carbon fiber body kit with new front spoiler, re-designed side skirts, and carbon fiber diffuser that fits perfectly with the stock bumper.

A trunk mounted spoiler adds the extra downforce needed when tuning the Bentley Continental GT under the hood for extra power. Along with these aero parts are new 22-inch aluminum rims that come wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 high performance tires. While this is a modest Bentley Continental GT kit, it will definitely have your luxury ride stand out from the rest.

Bentley Continental GT BR-10 Kit Video

Bentley Continental GT BR-10 Kit Pictures