Here is an accurate Bentley Continental GT replica based on a Chrysler Sebring. If only the interior was completed then it would be almost impossible to tell the difference. The exterior looks identical and the attention to detail with the body lines is near perfect. With the use of OEM Bentley Continental headlights, tailights, exhaust tips and emblems, it will surely trick the average bystander.

The seller states that all the lights work, a new battery has been relocated to the trunk, and the Chrysler Sebring received new brakes, radiator, a/c compressor and a transmission rebuild before the Bentley transformation took place. However it does need a good cleaning inside, a new driver seat since the current one is torn, and a good buffing since it looks like a cheap Maaco paint job. Yet, for a quarter of the price of a used Bentley Continental GT Supersports these days, this one on eBay is a steal.

Bentley Continental GT Supersports Replica Pictures