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Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maybach, Possibly A Mercedes?


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Here we have an extreme tuning enthusiasts from the former Soviet Bloc country, supposedly Kazakhstan, that transformed his car to look like a Rolls Royce. We were wondering what car was underneath, if it was possibly a Bently, or Maybach since those are the only cars that come to mind large enough for the transformation. However, if it were either of those two cars, the owner probably wouldn’t need to make a fake Rolls Royce, and could just buy a real one. After close examination, this is a Mercedes E-Class under all the body work, and you can tell from the interior seating, and how the exterior is not as long as a typical Rolls Royce.

Now why do people perform such insane tuning on their cars to end up knowing it is a fake, fraud, or phony? In this situation it is most likely because they don’t have enough money to afford the real thing. But when thinking from their side, most people in the real world, if ever, have rarely seen a Rolls Royce, so most people couldn’t even tell the difference. Real car enthusiasts however would be able to spot the fraud from a mile a way, especially with a terrible sounding fart can sound coming from the back of this car.

This guy went all out by changing the doors to flip out like the original suicide doors found on the Rolls Royce. He must have found the emblems online since they look legitimate, but the wheels and suspension don’t look anywhere near what a 400,000 USD car should be showing off. But I guess when he goes to the clubs he really impresses the everyone, especially the ladies who are looking for the guy with the nicest car in the parking lot.

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