Check out this cool blue Nissan GT-R that will be seen in the upcoming Fast and Furious 6 set to hit theaters May 24. We’re surprised that they are even making a sixth installment of the Fast and Furious series as it seems each sequel doesn’t live up to hype. The original should go down in history as the movie that changed the car tuning industry for the better or worse as some may say. Anyways, this GT-R received a ton of modifications from the new aerodynamic kit to the performance upgrades under the hood.

Starting off with the aero kit developed by BenSopra, the car received new front and rear bumpers with large inlets and strange side sills behind the fenders. A massive rear wing that scream overkill rounds out the rear, while the new hood has too many vents to even count.

Performance is what really matters, however Fast and Furious is notorious to only showcase styling modifications. Yet, this Nissan GTR has received tuning from SP Engineering for the ECM calibration and the use of 100 octane fuel for more power. A Switzer P800 turbocharger kit was installed along with a HKS downpipe and Y-pipe.

You know the interior will be tricked out with a new steering wheel, seats, upholstery and trim throughout. Just to name drop a few more goodies, the Nissan GT-R features cooling panels from Seibon, an AMS carbon fiber roof, AeroCatch flush mount hood pins and Sparco trunk latches. Now you know it’s an official Fast and Furious 6 Nissan GT-R with all those name brands!

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