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Sean Leon is as it’s name says a car like a Lion. Even when it’s just a stock car the car has really aerodynamic shapes that makes it look like an aggressive lion. A couple of days ago, during a tuning project called “Tune It” the tuners from ABT, that are well known for those superb Audis they’ve modified, decided to take their chances with this lovely Seat Leon and modify it as good as they know.  All elements added to the car had to stick with TUV guidelines so the car might not be as aggressive as they’ve wanted it. Since all elements they’ve installed follow the TUV guildelines perfectly, with this car you could participate at Street Legal Races. All exterior modifications where made by ABT, and they’ve created a special body kit to give this car a new, sportier look. The new body kit, together with new rims, better engine cooling and several other modifications also improved the car’s handling a lot. Also, the tuners from ABT installed a tuning kit for the engine and the car’s performances are thrilling now. Take a look and enjoy!

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