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Porsche Cayenne X-treme by Rinspeed


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Porsche Cayenne X-treme by Rinspeed

Rinspeed modified this Porsche Cayenne making it look more dinamic and unique.  This X-Treme has a new body kit with large air spaces for faster air movement and better engine cooling. The guys from Rinspeed worked their way to the car’s engine and tuned it’s performances a lot. This X-Treme could develop more than 600 HP and since the speed can be really high, they’ve also installed high performance brakes to this lovely car. In the front side, the car was lowered with 3,5 cm and the new side skirts fit the car perfectly. Like this the car gained a new,  sportier look. The exhaust system was also changed and the new one sounds really crazy when you press the gas pedal. Also, the guys from Rinspeed installed 23″ rims and performance tires that can hold on really well at speeds of over 300 km/h. Since the exterior was highly modified, the guys from Rinspeed also made a couple of modifications to the car’s interior: they installed new sport seats covered with the finest leather and a high-tech multimedia system.

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