Carzone Special is one of a few companies that go the way of future style. Maybe someone wouldn’t agree but this Ibiza is really futuristic. There are just two groups of people – those who love their creations and those who hate. It’s only up to you how you decide, but maybe this project called Shogun may help you.

The bodykit consists of front bumper with mask, rear bumper and side sills too. So the front bumper is connected with the mask that still has its typical opening for the Seat badge. Ther is a pair of new skewed openings that looks like a spaceship; it’s because of massive opening in the middle and four side ones. They’re connected in really weird way, the result is not very typical, but interesting too. The Shogun tuning pack includes also quite massive side sill extensions.

Their design isn’t very innovative, but also blind man can see them. Maybe they look very aggressive, but they match perfectly with other parts of the bodykit. The distinctive rear bumper is huge too; has a pair of integrated elongated openings on the sides and two cut-outs in the place of diffuser. []