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JE Design has released a complete car tuning kit for the Seat Leon Cupra that includes aerodynamic improvements, increased performance, and a redesigned interior. The German tuners created a stunning front end with LED daytime running lights that blend well with the headlights and fog lights. Priced at 2,930 euro, the complete wheel package is available with 19 inch glossy black rims and high performance tires measuring 225/35/19. The interior of the Seat Leon Cupra features Elegance leather additions that will cost the customers 1,599 euro. Other interior modifications include the JE Design logo on the backrests, two-level seat heating, and a massage system with 12 different programs. What really makes this Seat Leon impressive is the performance enhancements it received.

The TSFI engine has been tuned by JE Design to increase power from 240 hp to 285 hp, and the torque increased from 300 to 385 Nm. This upgraded powertrain allows the Seat Leon Cupra to sprint from 0-60 in 5.9 seconds, which makes it half a second faster than the factory model. The speed limiter was raised and now it can reach a top speed of 261 km/h. An aftermarket four pipe exhaust system was fitted underneath, along with a coilover suspension setup to drop the vehicle 40 mm. The exhaust is available for 899 euro, and the performance kit is priced at 1,499 euro.

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