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When you say “K1” you usually talk about to the ultimate fighting championships but the K1 from this car’s name is the name of the tuning company that modified it.  The new body kit they’ve created is available in 2 colors: black and white but it isn’t as aggressive as other body kits specially designed for Seat Leon. This one is simple and gives the car a new stylish look.  The body kit includes extensively re-worked front and rear bumpers, smart side skirts, a more pronounced tailgate spoiler and unique chrome-tipped, centrally-mounted, oval exhaust. It also has powerful Bi-xenon headlights, complete with AFS dynamic bend lighting that follows the turn of the steering wheel to help ensure the beam is always pointing precisely where the car’s headed. The tuners also installed new 18” Orion alloy wheels that come in car’s color: black or white.  It’s not one of my favorite Seat modifications but it surely desevers our attention.

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