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2011 LA Auto Show: Tuner Videos


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The one section of the 2011 LA Auto Show that did not receive the attention it deserved was the tuner and aftermarket parts section. Some of the nicest cars attending the show were hiding in this backroom with the works of Platinum Motorsport, RTW Motoring, and Al & Ed’s Autosound. Starting off with Platinum Motorsport, they had some very expensive rides as you can see in the video above. Just to name a few, we were able to capture video of the Rolls-Royce, Porsche 911, all new Lamborghini Aventador, Kim Kardashian’s Ferrari, a few Mercedes, and even a Bugatti Veyron. Hit the jump to see the sleek cars from RTW Motoring, and the ground shaking trunks from Al & Ed’s Autosound.

RTW Motoring kept the aftermarket showfloor classy with several tuned Mercedes cars. They had a suped up Range Rover and Porsche Cayenne Turbo that caught everyone’s attention as well. However, upon entering the tuner and aftermarket area, the first company to make an impression was Al & Ed’s Autosound. They had everything from a Bugatti Veyron to a sport bike with full sound system integrated in the rear cowl. Check out all the videos below, and if you like these tuner videos, then be sure to check out the stunning LA Auto Show car girls.

RTW Motoring Tuner Video

Al & Ed’s Autosound Tuner Videos

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