Ken Block and DC Shoes have just released the Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco for our viewing pleasure. If you haven’t watched the previous four Gymkhana videos, then wake up and check out the links below! GYM5 was based in the streets of San Francisco and consists of fast precise driving skills caught on raw video. Ken Block turned the whole city into his personal playground as you can see they completely shut down the entire Bay Bridge for him to drive through. Several large parts of the city were shut down for this epic four day filming.

The vice president of marketing for DC Shoes, Jeff Taylor said, “”Ken’s driving is on a whole new level and the streets of San Francisco provided the perfect natural terrain to showcase it. There’s never been anything like this and people are going to be blown away when they see it!” Gymkhana 5 not only features Ken Block, but you can see cameos by Travis Pastrana, famous for his motocross skills and Jake Phelps from Thrasher Magazine. Some of the most notable stunts in Gymkhana FIVE are when Ken Block jumps Russian Hill and a few times where he gets sideways in mid-air, all caught on tape with a slow motion camera.

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