A new tuning kit from Cargraphic has been released for the Audi R8 that enhanced the exterior appearance significantly. The package consists of a new airlift suspension system and carbon fiber aerodynamic body parts. Lowering the front of the Audi R8 up to 72 mm in 15 seconds, the aftermarket airlift system doesn’t alter the performance of the stock pieces. Featuring air bellows and a separate compressor, the airlift suspension system isn’t considered the same as the typical air suspension. If traveling at speeds above 50 km/h, the new airlift system will automatically lower the vehicle.

Besides the aftermarket suspension from Cargraphic, the Audi R8 received several styling improvements all around. In the four corners are either 19-inch or 20-inch lightweight alloy wheels that come in a one-piece or three-piece design. Aerodynamic upgrades include body parts being replaced with carbon fiber to save weight, and a larger wing in the rear to increase downforce. Another tuning company, Landau, offers an aftermarket stainless steel exhaust system for the Audi R8 that has the choice of a valve control system.

[Source: Cargraphic]