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Project Kahn is at it again with the Range Rover tuning projects, this time sending us one with a bright red paint job that will surely grab everyone’s attention. We typically do not see this bright of a color used on the popular Range Rover SUV, however it looks decent this go around. It contrasts the black body parts such as the carbon fiber grille, air vents and rear bumper accents quite well. They are calling this particular model the “Red Ranger” which is obvious yet fitting.

On the exterior is a wide body kit featuring new front and rear lip spoilers, integrated LED lights, side skirts and extended wheel arches to bring it all together. A new set of 22-inch Project Kahn RS600 rims bolt up to the Ranger Rover perfectly, while the interior received some improvements as usual.

Inside, the red and black theme continues with black leather, red stitching and carbon fiber trim throughout. Project Kahn always loves to hook up the Range Rover’s with carbon fiber on the dashboard, steering wheel and center console, as well as the door panels which adds the extra unique touch.

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  1. Man this looks awesome!! Red paint job looks nice along with black body parts. And the tuning is impressive too.

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