This could possibly be the next big trend for custom wheel colors. German vinyl car wrap specialists Foliatec have manufactured a new spray film that will allow tuning enthusiasts to change the color of their wheels easily. It is much cheaper than an expensive paint job, and coats the wheel in a tough rubber like film that will also protect the original coating underneath. If the customer doesn’t like the result or wants to change the color later on, they can simply peel it off with a removal kit.

At an introductory price of €49.95, the German tuners say two cans of this wheel spray will be able to cover all four wheels. Not only is it made for the rims, they also state that the spray film can be used on body parts such as mirrors and bumpers for an extra customized look. A wide variety of colors will be available, including black matte, green silk and charcoal metallic to name a few. Stay tuned as Foliatec has their product on display and demonstrates the possibilities at the Tuning World Bodensee in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Foliatec Wheel Spray Film Pictures