The British car tuning company at Prestige Styling have released a new styling kit for the 2010 Range Rover Sport SUV. Giving the RR Sport more road presents, Prestige added several aero parts to the Range Rover. At the front, the sport utility vehicle received a new bumper with integrated fog lights, and LED day running lights around the large central air intakes. Wider fenders complete the wheel arches and add a much more aggressive look to the Range Rover. Additional air intakes were designed in the new side skirts which give the appearance of a lower ride height. In the rear of the Range Rover Sport, Prestige Styling installed a new bumper retaining the OEM rear reflectors with a custom lower section to fit the exhaust pipes and a tow cover.

The sport tuning is not limited to only bodywork on the Range Rover SUV. Prestige added new side wing vents with the option of the relocation of the side indicators. They moved them from the door to the wing vent, and then installed a new radiator grille. Then the tuners gave it black wheels with a deep dish chrome lip hooked up on all fours. New spoilers for the rear were added, and inside the Range Rover is a series of bespoke-themed leather detailing. Prestige now offers engine upgrades to increase the horse power to complete the bespoke build program.

[Source: Prestige]