The British car tuners at Prestige have released a new styling kit for the Range Rover Sport. Making the SUV look like a muscle car, Prestige added several aerodynamic parts to the Range Rover. The front received a new bumper with integrated fog lights and air intakes. Wider fenders complete the wheel arches and add a much more aggressive look. Extra air intakes were designed in the new side skirts which give the appearance of a lower ride height. In the rear of the Range Rover Sport, Prestige installed a new bumper custom made to fit the exhaust pipes and a towing cover.

It’s too bad the tuning was limited to only bodywork on the Range Rover S, but it did receive some interesting parts. In the front are LED headlights, a radiator grille, and new black wheels with a chrome lip. New spoilers for the rear were added, and inside the Range Rover is a series of bespoke-themed leather detailing.