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The tuning company MEC Design has released their latest murdered out Mercedes S550 that will only be available for the U.S. At the exterior is a new set of three-piece alloy rims that have been finished in a black silk with a black gloss lip. At the front, the new wheels measure 21×10 inches while the rear set are 21×11 inches for an extra wide stance.

Additional modifications to this Mercedes-Benz S550 is an electronic lowering suspension kit that is able to drop the car 60 mm with the simple push of a button. Improving the exhaust note is a new stainless steel exhaust system, while the interior of the Mercedes received the final customizations.

Inside the luxury car sporting an all-black exterior, is a piano black interior finish for the dashboard and center console, while a new sport steering wheel and floor mats round out the tuning package. MEC Design sure loves to black out their rides, especially with the Mercedes S-Class and C-Class models.

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