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Good news for Mercedes SUV owners: Kicherer released their latest upgrade program for the Mercedes GL Class. They named their project Mercedes GL42 Black line because it’s based on the GL 420 CDI and even though the car’s look wasn’t changed too much, under the hood this is a completely new car. This Mercedes hides a V8 engine under the bonner and after the guys from Kicherer upgraded the engine cooling unit this V8 delivers 360 HP and a maximum torque of 900 Nm. With this power improvement this GL has a top speed higher than 280 km/h. The car’s electronic suspension was adjusted to offer a sportier curve, more stability and improved handling.

The Kicherer Mercedes GL42 Black Line has a new sportier exhaust system and also includes an offroad package with running boards, large fenders, a new grille and a roof egde spoiler. The car’s interior was has a sports steering wheel and carbon fiber trim elements. Kicherer announced that this GL will cost 125,820 Euros.

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