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Wheelsandmore does it again! This time the German company hooked up a Mercedes-Benz CL 45 and proved that they are one of the best custom wheel companies in the business. But they didn’t just stop there, they took car tuning to the next level. The power from this Mercedes CL 45 is for the most sportive drivers much to less. So Wheelsandmore decided to create a tuning package for this sports coupe. With the v-max ability they were able to get performance gains up to 450 hp at 575lb-ft of torque. A special exhaust system with 100cells sport catalysts, 4-in-1 manifold and a valve controlled rear silencer with end tips combined with an ECU update is responsible for this increase in power. With their LowMaXX electronic lowering module the look of the car and the suspension setup is getting as sporty as the power upgrade and wheels.

Finishing the project they took their well known wheel design TS-1 Ultralight Forged in special sizes 9,5 + 10,5×21 with tires 255/30/21 and 285/30/21 Dunlop Sportmaxx. All Wheelsandmore rims are coming with stainless steel outer rims, high gloss consolidated centers and are customized as the client likes. So hurry and take advantage of what this car tuning company has to offer!

[Source: Wheelsandmore Press Release]

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