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Mercedes Benz SLK is one of the most attractive roadsters on the market and probably everyone would love to drive it on warm sunny day near the beach with the roof down. Piecha Design is a Mercedes tuner based in Germany and even though they aren’t as well known as other tuning companies from the same country, they made an impressive tuning package for the Mercedes SLK enhancing the sportive appearance with a new front spoiler lip, rear flaps and an improved rear diffuser. The new front lip is custom made and it’s perfectly mixed with the spoiler to make a striking front side for this convertible. The rear spoiler lip and the rear diffuser can be added really easy and the refining specialist can install suitable diffusers for AMG stylish with four pipe exhaust systems.

Piecha Design offers a variety of light weight alloy wheels, and one of the most interesting is the Sportec duo, a wheel with a great design and five double spokes which frame the Mercedes bonnet star on the hub. Dp2 Phantom also comes with double spokes with finishes in high gloss silver or satin black and the highly polished stainless steel rim and bolt heads underline the multi part look. The DP3 Avalange in high gloss or stain black is a ten spoke wheel also framed by a highly polished stainless steel rim and bolt heads. All wheels will come in sizes of 8.5×19″ for the front and 9.5×19″ in the rear and will be equipped with 225/35 tires on the front axle and 255/30 on the rear axle.

Since the car will obviously turn a lot of heads the guys from Piecha installed a special Quadro Sport New Edition exhaust which offers an earthy sonorous six-cylinder sound. The four pipe exhaust offers V8 sound for V6 engine in the SLK 280 and 350 and customers won’t have to register it separately due to an existing EEC approval. Piecha Design installed a Power Converter Intermedia which offsets the gas pedal deceleration and will make this SLK accelerate immediately without the notorious extra delay.

Customers could get a Comfort Vario roof module which will make the roof fold to open and close while driving. You won’t have to stop the car if it’s raining to close the roof and you don’t need to worry if it takes too much to open or close the roof. The car’s interior also received aluminum door pins, stainless steel door sill protectors, chromed roll bars made of stainless steel and wing deflectors made of real glass.

[Source: Piecha Design]

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