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Saudi tuning companies get a lot of strange requests to create custom cars. While normal customers order a unique body kit and some upgrades under the hood, rich people from Saudi love to electroplate any previous metal on their luxury cars. In the world’s oil capitol there are many luxury vehicles and the tuner MyCar is challenged a lot in order to make an eye catching ride there. Ever heard of the Mercedes CS500? We haven’t heard either but the guys from MyCar went really far to create an all new Mercedes. The car is basically a gold plated Mercedes S550 but it has the front end of a Mercedes CL550 and it received a new name: the CS500.

The CS500 would trick any untrained guy to believe it’s a new vehicle and with the new front end the car looks even more stylish than the stock version of the Mercecedes S550.

[Source: Gulf4Cars Forum]

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  1. im from saudi arabia … first of all this car is not glod plated .. this color is available in the dealer when you go to buy a merc … this car use a front part from “Canceled” CL .. and rear from “crashed” S … just workshop job

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