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This Tuesday we bring a new modified Lamborghini in your attention. The guys from Prindiville, a UK based tuning company made a unique tuning package for the powerful Lamborghini LP640. They tried to make a one of a kind design and they changed almost everything at this car, even the roof panel. The front apron is bolder, more aggressive and with new eye-catching sills and a dynamic rear apron this Lambo looks a lot different than its stock version. They also installed a titanium sports exhaust system, handle less doors with remote electric opening and a restyled engine bay cover. The car’s interior was also modified and it was enhanced with rich leather and hand finished aluminium accents. Clients could request any on-board hi-tech systems and probably every customer will be impressed with the new door mirror camera system which was fitted in this Lamborghini.

Door mirrors have miniature cameras that feed images to a lcd monitor inside the car and there’s also a camera mounted on the car’s rear apron which will prove really useful when clients park this car in tight spaces. Prindiville Prestige can modify any car to fit the customer’s needs and they could even male handcrafted bodywork after sketches supplied by their clients.

[Source: Prindiville]

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