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The car tuner JE Design started from a stock Porsche Cayenne type 957 to make this Progressor SUV. Their version of the Porsche Cayenne is broader and more dominant than the stock version thanks to a new body kit which consists of a front skirt with LED daylight running lights, side skirts and a rear skirt extension. The new front bumper has bigger air inlets and fierce headlamp masks that will show anyone that this Progressor is much more aggressive than the standard Cayenne. The car’s track width was extended by 60 mm at the front axle and by 80 mm at the rear axle and with the new extended wings and side skirts with integrated LED door sill lamps, this Progressor SUV it’s powerful and robust. The car received 10×22″ wheels with a classic five spike design especially made for king sized cars and it’s equipped with high performance tires sized 295/30 R22 XL.

Wheels are painted with graphite gloss paint which is perfectly matched with the white colour varnish of this modified Porsche Cayenne. JE Design installed reduced sport springs and an electronic lowering kit or a version 3 coilover which can lower the Progressor with 35 to 70 mm. With these suspension modifications the car gained in sportive appearance and it also has better driving dynamics. The rear skirt has an integrated four pipe exhaust system with chromed oval pipes and it also hosts integrated LED lights.

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  1. If I thought before that Porsche Cayenne is perfect. I don’t know how to describe this Porsche Cayenne Progressor,this is beyond perfection for me. Then I can say that JE design is also beyond great.

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