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The factory Porsche Cayenne twin turbo V8 produces 500 hp, and that is nothing compared to the ENCO Gladiator 700 GT Biturbo. Featuring a full roll cage inside, carbon fiber racing seats, and so much body work to make Jenna Jameson seem natural, the Porsche Cayenne was also boosted to 690 horsepower. This car is definitely not a sleeper, with its red rims, an additional 190 horses, and revised front end that looks mean as hell. The Gladiator Porsche Cayenne has been lavished with carbon fiber throughout, and the fancy 23″ wheels fit nicely with the large fender flares. Now the need for a full roll cage on a Porsche Cayenne, I think they went a little overboard with this one.

The extensively customized exterior was made up by some interesting modifications to the performance. ENCO installed 12-piston calipers on the front that clamp down on 16.1 inch rotors.  They will come in handy with the 700 horsepower that was obtained by the ECU tuning, free flowing catalytic converters, and a new exhaust system. Final numbers show 690 hp with 626 ft lbs of torque, and a 0-60 mph track time of just 4.5 seconds which is one of the faster Porsche Cayenne’s we’ve seen.

[Source: jalopnik]

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  1. I don’t think I see the Porsche Cayenne I love in this car…it looks really different. The description a little overboard is an understatement…

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