Here is the new U-Connect plug and play ECU tuning upgrade from Unichip for the popular Nissan 350Z. Providing the perfect engine management solution for this sports car, since the 350Z cannot be remapped using OBD flash programming. This custom tuned Uni-Q piggy back EGU features several improvements to get the most out of the Nissan engine. So how does it work? The plug and play unit intercepts the factory sensor signals found on the Nissan 350Z, allowing the fuel and ignition to be remapped to a higher control and performance.

Customers who purchase the Unichip ECU tuning upgrade for their Nissan 350Z will see a horsepower increase from 264 hp to 284 hp, and torque raised from 236 lb-ft to 262 lb-ft. You don’t have to worry about other modifications interrupting the piggy back type engine management either. Unichip announced that the tuned Uni-Q ECU kit will work along with water injection, nitrous oxide, extra fuel injectors, and even turbocharger modifications.

[Source: Unichip]