European tuners Geiger Cars have released a striking package for the new Corvette Z06, and named this model ‘Wild Thing’. The bright green color choice for the paint is definitely wild, but it’s the power numbers that were meant to impress. Geiger Cars was able to claim an astonishing 890 horsepower after their modifications, with 940 Nm of torque at 4,500 rpms. The mods include customizing the cylinder block, head, and crankshaft which increased the displacement from 7.0-liters to 7.6-liters. They didn’t stop there however, Geiger Cars added two turbochargers to make it a biturbo (twin turbo) model. With those performance gains, the Corvette Z06 can reach an acclaimed top speed of 354 km/h!

To support all of this extra power, the transmission, drive shaft, and differential were beefed up by using cardan gears and carbon fiber. With all this power added, keeping the wheels glued to the pavement is a challenge. Geiger Cars chose to go with 285/30 tires in the front, and 345/25 in the rear mounted on thin-spoked black rims. To slow the Corvette down after reaching 354 km/h, a performance brake kit was installed that consists of 6-piston calipers in the front, and 4-piston in the rear. Slotted rotors also replaced the stock pieces and they measure 380×32 mm in the front, and 355×32 mm in the rear. Aftermarket springs stiffen the suspension, with a shock absorber underneath the carriage, and Gieger Cars even added stabilizers for the front and rear axles. Complementing the wheels and suspension upgrades, is the Geiger Cars GT-kit, made exclusively for the Chevrolet Corvette Z06. It gives it a more aggresive look, and the vented hood is an extra feature to aid in cooling the biturbo setup.