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The tuners from aLL STaR Performance have revealed this image of the custom Chevy Camaro SS set to debut at the 2010 SEMA Show in a few weeks. They’ve been teasing the tuning enthusiasts with the Camaro under wraps, but we now have the clear picture of the project. From what we can see, Gene Marcel will take a more conservative route with this car, keeping the natural lines of the Chevy Camaro in tack. The paint job comes courtesy of Dupont, while a set of Forgestar wheels wrapped in Falken high performance tires complete the exterior.

Suspension improvements come next with an air lift kit to lower or raise the Camaro SS. This gives it the profile for an intimidating look, while the power comes from a Lysholm supercharger and massive front mount intercooler. Overall, aLL STaR Performance built a Camaro to showcase a true American muscle car. Also, GM launched a voting contest on their Facebook page, where the winning Chevy Camaro and Chevrolet Silverado HD will get a day in the spotlight at the SEMA Show.

[Source: autoguide]

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