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The Chrysler in-house tuning brand Mopar, has stayed busy with upgrades for the latest Jeep automobiles, the new Dodge Charger and Challenger, and now with the new Chrysler 300 models. For the all new Chrysler 300 sedan, the tuners have launched a wide variety of custom grilles, and alloy wheels along with the Chrysler car company. Eight different grilles are available, all ranging from $310 to $750, made from billet aluminum, and feature a choice of Platinum Chrome, Gloss Black, and Bright Chrome finishes. The best part is that these aftermarket pieces will not void the manufacturers warranty like most mods.

Next, come the six new wheel packages for the Chrysler 300, available in either 18, 19, or 20-inch sizes. These rims range from $265 to $610, and offer a unique styling with all the options. In a Satin Carbon or Gloss Black finish are the 10-spoke rims measuring 20-inches in diameter of forged metal. A five spoke 20-inch wheel can also be purchased in a Black Chrome finish, while an eight spoke 19-inch rim can be had in a Satin Carbon look. Mopar and Chrysler also offer the two five-spoke 18-inch rally rims for a distinguished look.

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