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Wheelsandmore have done it again, this time with the all new 2012 Audi R8 GT Spyder which they are calling the Triade Bianco package. They are limiting this exclusive kit to 333 units worldwide, so if you own the new Audi R8, put your order in ASAP. This package focuses on reducing the weight to go along with an increase of power, as well as some new styling improvements to make the sports car more aggressive.

The Audi R8 tuning program starts off with with a lightweight stainless exhaust system with adjustable valves to control the sound. New carbon framed air filters and some ECU tuning to bring it all together results a new power output of 620 horsepower to go along with 435 lb ft of torque.

With the boost of power, Wheelsandmore felt some suspension modifications were needed, so they installed a new KW hydraulic suspension kit with LCS (level control system). This allows the driver to raise the Audi up to 40mm to clear road hazards like speed bumps and potholes. Owners will also be able to adjust the rebound and compression rates by simply pressing a button.

To complete the exterior styling of the Triade Bianco, new 6Sporz² 3-piece ultralight forged rims wrapped in Continental Sport Contact 5 P high performance tires were bolted on. In the end you have a modestly tuned Wheelsandmore Audi R8 GT Spyder that won’t dig a hole too deep in your pockets.

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