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FAB Design is a tuning company that loves to modify expensive rides and we’ve recently seen a lot of news about them. The Swiss based company tried to make their own version of the popular McLaren SLR and they made a brand new body kit and an insane spoiler for this sports car. This radical SLR was spotted at FAB Design’s headquarters and with extreme extentions and a new front bumper the car looks like an aggressive monster. The new exterior kit makes it look lower and wider than it is already but this modified SLR lost that Formula One impression and that’s not a plus for us. The new spoiler is strange and a lot of people call it a TV antenna that has nothing to do with this SLR’s cool design.

The guys from FAB also installed huge wheels to add a finishing touch to their project but they haven’t announced if they also tweaked the car’s performances or they made any other modifications except changing the beautiful original SLR design with a crazy, weird looking version from a SF movie.

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