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Project Kahn Rolls Royce Phantom


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As Jeremy Clarkson said, the Rolls Royce Phantom is a car so wonderful in every way that nobody will buy it. Actually, nobody can buy it. The Phantom might be really exquisite but only a couple of rich guys could afford to buy this luxurious car. Even though it’s perfect in every detail the guys from Project Kahn thought they could improve it and added their stylish touch to this ride. The car’s 22″ wheels have a meticulous diamond polish in each spoke and provide OE fitment with superior style. The car tuning company tried to improve the car’s dynamics but they also wanted to stay true to the original form of this ride and they used state of the art manufacturing and materials technology to create a unique Rolls Royce Phantom.

They called this car the “Pearl White” and they offer interior design service to suit any customer’s taste along with clear side repeaters and black piano facias. Owning this unique Phantom will communicate wealth, manners and a great taste for luxury. The car will bring back memories of the honoured Rolls Royce tradition while it has the latest European styling and features.

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