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Masonry SLR Renovatio

Mansory always tries to give each modified car their touch and they won’t make only one or two modifications to the car, they will redesign the car after their philosophy. The car has received the name “Renovatio” which means rebirth in english. This lovely SLR got an entirely new look after Mansory added a lot of design elements made by them. When we’re talking about performance modifications we have to say that the car tuners modified the engine’s management system, they added a sportier air filter and an improved car radiator. With these modifications Renovatio could reach a maximum speed of 340 km, reaching a maximum torque of 880 Nm – that’s huge even for those who are speed addicts. In the exterior, the car’s design was modified by adding new carbon fiber elements that gives the car a more agressive look and will also improve the car’s handling a bit because the car’s weight is lower now.

Those Lamborghini Doors will impress everyone and to match those and the car’s golden color, Masonry added 20″ rims covered with golden powder paint and quality Dunlop SP Maxx tires. If you’ll open the car’s doors and take a look at the car’s high class interior you will be amazed by the quality of those materials used: finest leather for seats, aluminium pedals and a lot other elements made from carbon fiber.

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