While they are calling this a concept, it’s actually a teaser of the McLaren P1 that is set to debut on show floors by the end of 2013. McLaren has stated a simple goal for the new P1, “to be the best driver’s car in the world on road and track”. While that may be a little far fetched with all the competition these days, it surely may take the crown for some of the best styling we’ve ever seen. This design comes from the works of Chief Design Engineer Dan Parry-Williams and Design Director Frank Stephenson.

Parry-Williams said:

“The collaboration was one of the great things about the project and that allowed us to reach such a complete package”.

Frank Stephenson also noted shortly after:

“We have ended up with a car that looks as futuristic as a concept car – except that it will go into production – and with similar aerodynamic properties to a sports racing car. I believe it is a terrific achievement.”

They wanted a car that was striking but also functional, so most of the focus has been on making the car handle just as well as it looks. The McLaren P1 will definitely be on our radar for when the official specifications and pricing are announced, stay tuned!

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