The people of New York along with all the tourists that frequently roam the streets were in for a treat the other day. On a trip through Times Square people spotted some rare cars and even a Batmobile replica. This comes shortly after the Colorado shooting for the new Dark Knight film which we are very sorry for the event that occurred that evening. Meanwhile, spectators in New York were able to feast their eyes on a new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 that was wrapped in chrome and is most likely the first of its kind.

To go along with the stunning Aventador was a Dodge Viper ACR and a 1989 Bat mobile replica from the Batman film by Tim Burton. It’s hard to tell what was getting more attention, the Bat car or the Lambo, but nevertheless both are neck breakers. You can also see Ice-T and his wife Coco riding in an ONYX tuned Bentley Continental GT. Props to YouTube user RealMCR12 who captured this footage. Check out the Lamborghini Aventador, Dodge Viper ACR and Batmobile replica below.

Lamborghini Aventador, Dodge Viper ACR and Batmobile Replica In New York