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German tuning company ABT Sportsline has released the “Last Edition” version of the Volkswagen Golf VI GTI Mk6 at the 2012 Essen Motor Show. They have two performance stages for this sporty hatchback, starting off with ECU tuning to increase the 2.0-liter turbo engine output from the factory 208 HP to 256 horsepower. Stage 2 for the VW Golf GTI offers a new turbocharger to the boost the figures to 306 horses.

Styling options come next with a new Volkswagen Golf Mk6 aero kit consisting of a front apron, lip spoiler, LED daytime running lights, side skirts, roof spoiler and rear diffuser. A new quad-tipped exhaust system rounds out the back of the car, while new alloy rims wrapped in high performance tires give the car an aggressive appearance. Final modifications include a sport suspension for the sixth generation Golf GTI to lower the car an inch, and the Stage 2 will also include a new brake kit to handle the 300 plus horsepower.

ABT Sportsline did not yet announce the cost for this Volkswagen Golf VI GTI Mk6 tuning program, however they left a note stating there will be “special” prices.

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  1. i think around 45.000euros will be the cost. Dream car for me. Especially lights, colour and rims make the big difference! WOW Golf

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