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The Volkswagen Scirocco is probably the best compact sport coupe this year and ABT, another well known tuning company, decided to create their own Scirocco version. They tried to make it look really dynamic they wanted to increase it’s power and agility. The guys from ABT designed a new body kit that has a front spoiler which makes the car’s front side even more distinctive and new side skirts that continue this sleek design. The car has big air inlets on it’s sides and a special rear skirt set made from a rear skirt, a muffler tip with 4 pipes and a small rear wing.

This extravagant body kit could be completed with 18″ or 20″ alloy rims from BR and new sport springs that make this car lower with up to 30 mm and even more agile on the road. Their kit isn’t expensive at all if you don’t have cash for cars and the guys from ABT will also boost this car’s power. They added 40 HP to the 1.4 TSI engine, and 30 HP to the 2.0 TDS engine. At the end of this year they will also improve the 2.0 TSI engine for Scirocco.

Since this car is a lot faster than it’s stock version, the new brake pads of the ABT Braking system will save the day in any situation. This Scirocco seems perfect in every detail and it’s definitely a top range car. When you sell a car don’t buy a new stock ride, get this lovely Volkswagen Scirocco and make it unique with this tuning package from ABT.

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  1. Here is the ABT Scirocco in GREEN at the 2008 Essen Motor Show! I really liked how ABT modified the already bad ass looking Scirocco!

    Green ABT Scirocco

  2. I was looking for crucial information on this subject. The information was important as I am about to launch my own portal. Thanks for providing a missing link in my business.

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