CLS by Elite Sports Vorbild

Elite Sports has tried to create a new exterior body kit for the great Mercedes-Benz CLS. The new body kit is painted completely in white and even though this color might seem a bit too simple for someone, i think it fits the car perfectly. The body kit is made from front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a GT spoiler. From what i know it costs about $7,500 but if you’ll watch a photo of a stock CLS Mercedes and compare it with this one you will be amazed how good this one looks and how nice it looks. The car has gained a sportier, more agressive look and those black rims add a great contrast to this car. The guys from Elite Sports also included a slight performance tuning kit for the car’s V8 engine and exhaust system. They also installed new Endless/Ewig brake system because you have to stop this monster when it gains an incredible speed. There’s one thing that i don’t like though. They’ve replaced that great Mercedes emblem with one where it’s written “Vb” from Vorbild. Some people would buy a Mercedes just for that emblem and if i were to buy this body kit, i’d love it with the old Mercedes emblem instead of this one with “Vb”.