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Lorinser ML Black & White


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We have all seen black & white movies and even though we felt that there’s a need of color there, the black & white combination always looks good. The latest modified car from Lorinser has this lovely combination and it’s called Sportservice ML Black & White. They modified a Mercedes-Benz ML 320 CDI and tried to turn it into a more agressive and sportier car. Those 22″ black rims look really great on the car and that black grill and black windows add a great contrast and a misterious look to this car. The new body kit has aerodynamic elements like: front and rear bumper, side skirts and new exhaust. I’m pretty sure that when you’re driving this car your self confidence will be really high.  The white color makes this car look really peaceful but this car is a speed demon because the guys from Lorinser modified the car’s engine too. With Lorinser Diesel Module the engine’s performance grew from 224 HP and 510 Nm to 261 HP and 580 Nm. This is a serious improvement for 4×4 cars. To improve the car’s handling, they have installed new suspension system that makes the car handle better especially in tight corners. This is not a show car and it could be bought from Sportservice Lorinser.

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