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The car tuning company Sportec released an upgrade package for Volkswagen Scirocco which comes with a performance upgrade and better suspension. The Sportec Volkswagen Scirocco SC 350 is based on the 2.0 version of this car and received an incredible power boost: the engine now delivers 350 HP, 110HP more than the stock version and the maximum torque increased from 280 Nm to 480 Nm. The guys from Sportec re-programmed the car’s engine cooling unit, installed a staineless steel exhaust system, a custom turbocharger designed by them, a change air intercooler and they improved the car’s fuel system. Sportec also offers a carbon engine cover for their Scirocco for customers that want to change this car’s look.

The Sportec Volkswagen Scirocco SC 350 has a new suspension system which lowers the ride height by 35mm and works really well with an electronically adjustable shock-absorber system from DCC. The car also received a differential lock from Sportec but the car tuning company hasn’t announced the price for their upgrade package yet.

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  1. God, I love this car! This car is pure hotness..Too bad VW wont bring it over to the US. Guess I probably couldn’t afford it anyway but it would be nice.

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