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Shawn Bennett’s Sony Xplod Chevy Silverado


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Shawn Bennett is well known for his work as the Image Auto Designs owner in Orange, California, and here we have his latest custom work on a Chevy Silverado. You may think he went over the top with the truck, but here is a perfect example of a extraordinary tuning. Countless hours of custom work had to go into creating this masterpiece, and it can guarantee you that no one will have the same car. Being part of “Sony’s Team Xplod“, Shawn Bennett took the Silverado and hooked it up with the best Sony Xplod audio and video parts. The Chevy is definitely unique with its mechanics, paint, audio and video components, and is no slouch under all the looks. It boasts 585 hp and 640 ft lbs of torque, which is not even where the true power lies. At the track, yes I said track, the Chevy Silverado was able to run the quarter mile in just over 13 seconds.

It’s impressive that most of the modifications were done looks, and that Shawn Bennett didn’t take away from the performance and streetable use of the truck. Going inside the bed are three batteries to power the seven 10-inch Sony Xplod XM-LD105P5 subwoofers, three Sony Xplod XS-HF500G speakers in the doors, three Sony Xplod XM-2200GTX amplifiers, and two Sony Xplod XM-4060GTX amplifiers. Scattered throughout the truck are TWENTY Sony XVM-H65 monitors, three 17-inch Sony SDM-V72W screens, and a dash mounted 10.2 inch monitor. If your not impressed yet by the car tuning and custom work done by Bennett on the Silverado, then I don’t know what to tell you. This is definitely one the best customized Chevy trucks out there, and we hope it stays around for a while.

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