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Corvette C6 ZX-1 by Karvajal Designs


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Corvette C6 ZX-1 by Karvajal Designs

Corvette is probably one of the best cars americans made and when it’s modified by several tuning companies you always get a great sports car that will amaze everyone. The guys from Karvajal Designs created an interesting 3d project to modify this Corvette that looks pretty good. There aren’t too many tuning companies that try to create a 3d project first and after that they’ll start modifying the car. In this case, the modified car is slightly different than the 3d project. The project was more agressive, sportier and it had some nice colors but it’s probably harder to create a car in the real world than in virtual reality. C6 ZX-1 has a V8 6.0L engine that can develop 540 HP so you can imagine the speed you’re about to go when you’re driving this car. Even though it’s not like the 3d project this car will still attract a lot of people and i’m pretty sure a lot of Corvette owners would like to have a car like this one. Add some Aftermarket C6 Corvette Parts from CorvetteGuys.com.

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