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The German custom exhaust specialists at Capristo have developed some new parts and lightened the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 to improve performance. The tuners tailor to high-end exotics like the Ferrari 458 Italia and Lamborghini Aventador supercars with one goal in mind, making them quicker. Take this Aventador for example, holding a 6.5-liter V12 powerplant producing 691 horsepower and weighing in at 1,575kg or 3,472 pounds from the factory. Capristo will come to help by stripping down the Lambo of its main components and replace most of the parts with a carbon fiber counterpart.

For this particular car tuning project, Capristo replaced the front and rear aprons, front grille, rear diffuser, mirror covers and even some engine parts such as the air intakes. With the new carbon fiber body parts, the Lamborghini Aventador now weights 40 kg or 88 pounds lighter than stock. While this may not sound like a lot of weight lost, every kilogram or pound counts when it comes to racing. Add the new Capristo exhaust to mix of lightweight aftermarket parts and you get a Lamborghini Aventador with a 100 km/h sprint time 0.1 seconds faster than the factory model at 2.8 seconds.

The top speed was increased by 3 km/h to bring the final specifications for the modified Aventador to 354 km/h or 220 mph. Unfortunately, Capristo did not mention the actual horsepower or PS gains from the exhaust and tuning, however the results were proven on the track. This is a nice trick to learn for the racers out there who want more power but can’t afford expensive turbo or supercharger kits for their cars. Parts that often go unnoticed, yet carry a substantial amount of weight include the passenger seat, rear seats, stereo system, spare tires, spare tire kits and several other interior accessories that aren’t necessary for racing. Remove a few of these and most racers notice their car becomes quicker off the line.

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