This BMW 1602 has recently been spotted on eBay where it received a full truck conversion by Ottowerks to make it a unique piece of BMW history. This model was a classic for the Bavarian carmakers, which eventually paved the way for the 3-series we all love today. However, since they never released a truck version of the sporty coupe, California based tuners Ottowerks have transformed it.

In the auction the car tuning company states they began with a 1971 BMW New Class 1600. Upon further research is actually the 1602 coupe to be exact. They cut the rear roof, removed the rear seating and constructed a truck bed with covers for the wheel wheels. Some custom body work to smooth out the rough edges and an engine swap has brought this BMW truck to life.

Under the hood, Ottowerks dropped in a newer 2.5-liter straight six-cylider M20b25 in place of the factory M10. The BMW 1602 now produces 169 horsepower that is transferred to the rear wheels through the five-speed manual transmission. The current high bid for the BMW 1602 truck conversion is $11,300 USD, but we expect this to climb as the auction nears end.

BMW 1602 Truck Conversion Video

BMW 1602 Truck Conversion Pictures