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We usually review cars modified by well known car tuners, but Banzai is a Japanese magazine, not a tuning company. In March they received an Aygo from Toyota GB and they tried to modify this car a lot to offer it as a prize which was won by someone from Glasgow. The Banzai Toyota Aygo has a small 1.0L engine which received a lot of modifications. The guys from Banzai installed a supercharger that takes the power up to 138 HP and they also reduced the car’s weight considerably. Now this tiny car has incredible handling and could accelerate like a rocket from 0 to 100 km/h. The car also received a body kit made by Toyota Motorsport which has a lovely black and red combination. Banzai likes to focus their project on used cars, but the occasional factory model will suffice occasionally.

This Toyota Aygo also received several interior modifications which make it look like a small race car.

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