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GSC Mercedes G-Class Is The G-Wagon Goldstorm


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German Special Customs, better known as GSC from Chemnitz, Germany have released their latest take on the Mercedes G-Class G-Wagon Goldstorm. It definitely received a fancy look, even though Mercedes originally intended these G-Class SUV’s to be military vehicles years ago. Tuners continue to bring the most street worthy potential out of the luxury utility vehicle, and we won’t complain. This Mercedes G65 AMG features a 6.0-liter turbocharged V12 producing 603 bhp.

GSC decided to name this the GoldStorm, fitting it well since the shiny paint job and new headlights bring back memories of the gold Rolls-Royce Ghost by Mansory. The SUV also received a carbon fiber wide body kit, new tail lights and four brand new 5-spoke alloy rims wrapped in low profile high performance rubber. Final modifications consist of the lowered suspension to improve appearance and handling, while GSC did not mention any other upgrades to the performance of the Mercedes G-Class G-Wagon.

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