The south Florida based tuning company Renntech has shown their skills with the latest Mercedes CL65 AMG and CL63 builds which set world record track times. Engineers from Renntech tweaked the performance by upgrading and tuning the ECU, installing a new ram air system, larger intercooler, high flow exhaust system, limited slip differential, and a few extra upgrades. After the modifications, the tuners wanted to see how the new Mercedes CL65 AMG and the Mercedes CL63 AMG would perform at the track. Check out the video after the jump, these tuned cars are fast!

Making it the world’s fastest Mercedes CL65 AMG, the Renntech driver was able to pull a 10.62 second time at 133.7 mph, and the Mercedes CL63 AMG did just as well for its size. The CL63 AMG accomplished the quickest of its models ever recorded with a 11.6 second quarter mile at 125.3 mph. Congrats on the nice tuning Renntech.

[Source: carsroute]