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Almost everyone enjoyed the new Volkswagen Scirocco and since a lot of people bought this car, tuners prepared new styling kits to make it look unique. The latest tuning kit for the new Scirocco was made by the guys from Caractere and their project was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. The new body kit includes a new front and rear spoiler, new front grille, a set of side vents and door trims and a small roof spoiler. The rear side of the car received a new spoiler which can be supplied with or without the new exhaust tips. The Caractere Volkswagen Scirocco can be equipped with CH1 wheels which come in three sizes: 18″, 19″ or 20″ and will have wide tires for increased stability and better handling. Customers who would like to make their Scirocco faster can ask from help from Caractere dealer in Germany B&B which offers five tuning stages for the 2.0-litre TFSI engine.

The first stage will take the standard engine from 200 HP to 239 HP for about €998. The second stage will take the engine to 256 HP and a maximum torque of 360 Nm for €1,998 while the stage 3 will get it to 286 HP and 400 Nm of torque for €5,950. If that’s not enough for speed enthusiasts the final stages called Evo and Evo R are impressive. In the Evo stage the car’s engine could deliver almost 300 HP and 420 HP and will cost €9,950 while the Evo R stage will give this Scirocco a great power boost and the car’s engine could deliver 349 HP and a maximum torque of 450Nm for  €19,950.

[Source: Caractere]

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