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Kristin Zippel Wins Miss Tuning 2010


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It’s been hectic at the Tuning World Bodensee this past weekend where 26-year old Kristin Zippel was crowned the winner of Miss Tuning 2010. She’s a beauty therapist from Mering, Germany who beat out Jennifer Ziegener and Irena, the runner-up and third place finalists respectively. She stunned the judges in her sexy bikini, and was awarded a Nissan Micra along with an upcoming photo shoot in the Great Lakes region of North America. After Kristin was announced the winner, she stated, “This is crazy, I’m really looking forward to exciting events with great people, and above all the cool cars.”

Kristin Zippel still plans to continue her training as a surgery technical assistant, and went on to say, “”I am looking forward to my term as Miss Tuning and I am particularly curious about what to expect in the coming months.” The previous Miss Tuning winner, Martina Ivezaj placed the crown on Zippel’s head and told her it was an amazing year with all the new contacts she made. Best of luck to Kristin and all the fine car babes who entered the competition.

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