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Ferrari F430 is the latest car to receive tuning modifications from the well know Japanese company ASI Tuning. Earlier today they released their all exclusive body kit for the top of line Ferrari F430. The new line of customizations includes a new front bumper, side skirts, dry carbon rear wing, and rear bumper. Underneath is a performance exhaust system integrated to fit the rear bumper and an air diffuser addition. In all corners are 20 inch solid forged wheels that add a stylish look but also offer performance improvements. ASI Tuning can perform performance tuning for under the hood, and suspension if the customer is interested.

ASI has an ECU tuning package for the Ferrari F430 that tweaks the computer and increases the mid range torque. This is helpful when racing and cornering, while being able to accelerate out. A sachs suspension kit is also available if you would like better handling, and an all around smoother ride, but all these parts have quite a cost. The body kit alone is priced at $15,000, while the ECU tuning is $7,500, and the suspension setup is $13,000.

[Source: 4wheelsnews]

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  1. If I’m driving this car, I’d feel so cool and totally sexy haha just look at this car, it shouts perfect!

    Additional cost if it will make it look more than great and very powerful, and of course if I have a large amount of extra cash, I’d surely go for it.

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